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Daily Schedule


Our day starts at 8:50

Morning Recess A 10:20-10:35

Morning Recess B 10:40-10:55

Lunch 11:35-12:35

Afternoon Recess A 1:50-2:05

Afternoon Recess B  2:10-2:25

Dismissal 3:20


Currently, students are brought off the busses in cohorts and line up at their cohort doors at 8:35.  Students are allowed into the school as soon as their cohort hallway is clear.  Walkers will line up on their social distance dots outside their cohort doors as well.      

Cohort 1 (Mrs. Dunseath and Ms. Storozuk's classess) will use the doors around the back of school by the Garden.

Cohort 2 (Mrs. Yendell's and Mrs. Porter's classes) will use the North doors.

Cohort 3 (Mrs. Corcoran's and Ms. Grasley's classes) will use the front doors.

Cohort 4 (Mrs. Gingras' and Ms. Cripp's class will use the Southwest doors.

Cohort 5 (Mr. Agnew's class) will use the Southeast doors.

Ms. Hayward's class will continue to use the front door for entry and dismissal.